Robert L. Curry


Department of Biology
Villanova University

Contact information

Office: 190A Mendel Hall

Lab: 106/106A Mendel Hall

Tel: (610) 519-6455 (office)

Tel: (610) 519-5652 (lab)

FAX: (610) 519-7863


Mailing address:

Department of Biology

Villanova University

800 Lancaster Avenue

Villanova, PA  19085-1699

Page last updated: 06 May 2016



A major component of my research program concerns hybridization in Black-capped and Carolina chickadees




Animal Behavior

Conservation Biology

Research study systems

Ecology of herbivorous ant-acacia jumping spider

Chickadees: evolutionary and behavioral ecology

Tropical field ornithology: conservation and behavioral ecology of island-endemic Mimidae (mockingbirds and allies) and related projects


Field Biology & Natural History of Nova Scotia

Summer 2016

Spaces are still available!

Online upper-division lecture+laboratory course (Bio 3955) with 2-week field trip to Nova Scotia

Contact Dr. Curry immediately if interested (



Courses taught

  • Special course: Bio 3955 Field Biology & Natural History

    • Summer 2016, 4 credits, lecture+lab

  • MSE 2205 Biodiversity & Conservation

    • Not likely to be offered again before Fall 2018

  • Bio 3015 Animal Behavior 

    • Spring semesters, alternating with Dr. Iyengar; Dr. C in S17

  • Bio 3255 Introductory Ecology

    • Fall every year

  • Bio 4451 Field Ecology & Evolution lecture

    • Fall, odd years. Next: F17 (tentative)

  • Bio 4452 Field Ecology & Evolution lab

    • Spring, even years. Next: S18 (tentative)

  • Bio 4801 Conservation Biology (Capstone)

    • Next: S17

  • Bio 7105 Vertebrate Ecology

    • Normally Fall, even years ... but not offered in F16

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