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About This Site


This web site was created by Robert L. Curry, Department of Biology, Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania, 19085 USA.

Dr. Curry conducted field studies on Galápagos mockingbirds for his Ph.D. dissertation between 1981 and 1985. He continued collaborative research on the mockingbirds with Dr. Peter R. Grant, Princeton University, through 1991. Curry also conducted short-term field studies of:

  • Bahama Mockingbirds (Mimus gundlachii) and Northern Mockingbirds (M. polyglottos) on San Salvador Island, Bahamas, in 1987
  • Tropical Mockingbirds (Mimus gilvus) in Venezuela and on Bonaire in 1988
  • Northern Mockingbirds in Pennsylvania in 1991-1992
  • Socorro Mockingbirds (Mimodes graysoni), in collaboration with Juan E. Martínez-Gómez, from 1993 to 1996

Curry and Martínez-Gómez began studying thre avifauna of Cozumel, focusing on the conservation status of the endemic thrasher, in 2003.

Notes and commentary on the site represent original scholarship by the author. Photographs on the site were taken by Robert L. Curry except where noted. Please do not reproduce without permission.

All original material on this site © 2004-2010, Robert L. Curry