Robert L. Curry
    ant-acacia jumping spider

Herbivorous spider, Bagheera kiplingi, on swollen spines of acacia ... consuming Beltian body

2008 Robert L. Curry


Herbivory in ant-acacia jumping spiders

The Neotropical jumping spider Bagheera kiplingi is predominantly herbivorous

Videos accompanying Meehan et al. (2009)

Press coverage of our co-discovery


In 2007, my student Chis Meehan and I discovered herbivorous behavior in the spider Bagheera kiplingi. We later learned that the same discovery had been made independently in Costa Rica in 2001 by Eric J. Olson. We jointly published the discovery in 2009 (in Current Biology).

Recent publications from this research:

  • Meehan, C. J., E. J. Olson, M. W. Reudink, T. K. Kyser, and R. L. Curry. 2009. Herbivory in a spider through exploitation of an ant-plant mutualism. Current Biology 19:R892-R893.  PDF reprint

  • Supplemental data for Meehan et al. (2009) including links to video files

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