Robert L. Curry

White-breasted Thrasher, St. Lucia



My research interests include behavior, ecology, and conservation, especially of birds.

Study species

Hybridization, demography, and mating systems in chickadees

Since 1997, my students and I have been studying the ecology and social behavior of chickadee species pairs in two different settings:

Recent publications from this research:

Behavioral, evolutionary, and conservation ecology of island Mimidae and similar species

Other projects that my students and I have undertaken combine the same methods, including GIS, to address ecological, evolutionary, and conservation questions. Organisms we are studying include the critically endangered Socorro Mockingbird (Mimus graysoni) on a Mexican island, and Galápagos mockingbirds on Isla Española, where I earlier conducted dissertation research. Plans for continuing research on this general topic include:

Recent publications from this research:

Behavior and ecology of the herbivorous ant-acacia jumping spider, Bagheera kiplingi

In 2007, Chris Meehan and I co-discovered the unique herbivorous diet of B. kiplingi. My students and I are continuing field studies of this extraordinary species in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and beginning in 2013 in Panama.

Recent publications from this research: